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Danseen’s Song.

It seems the time has come to tell my history, insofar as I know it. I am one ill-omened from my birth, carrying the mark of the wolf from my earliest days – though whether my mother changed as she carried me or the magics to produce a human child failed, none can tell. Certainly my mother cannot, for she died as I first saw the light of day. (Marking me twice accursed in many beliefs.)

The second curse is more obvious – I come of the Clan of Icewind. We once held the starkest territory of the far north, running where the bitter cold threatened even the huge and shaggy bears. Our pride was our strength and our strength was our pride, and both were as encompassing as the mountains.

Since I was marked lycanthrope from birth I changed – one could say, from a cub - whenever the moon called me. My blood and other fluids would have carried this mixed-gift to others, too.

Rather than risk the unwanted attention that this could bring I was kept and schooled apart, separate both from the human children of the town and from the more fortunate children of the Clan. For those for whom the magic had worked, keeping them human from the womb until the time came to make their choice, to be human or lycanthrope of the Clan, could be deprived of their choices by one such as I.

Children are rarely kind, and I learned that I am contamination so young that I cannot remember when or how I was first brought to know.
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December 2011


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