Jan. 3rd, 2004

It Proceeds

Jan. 3rd, 2004 10:38 pm
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Many moons have passed since the local Seer gave warning that the Mother of Evil had been loosed upon the world again.

(That title has always puzzled me, since I was taught that she is the ancestor of Lycanthropes, and can influence those that carry her blood - but my teacher disliked that kind of question.)

It was prophesied of old that those born marked by the wolf would be enlisted in the battle if she broke free. There have never been many (and the world should be thankful for that,) and it seemed to me that we might be the most vulnerable to evil's thrall.

However, I had never thought the time of her freedom would come in my lifetime. I had made no special study of the Lamia, (and, if truth be told, I thought the prophecies as likely to be a campfire story given credence by the centuries. Even the language that the tales were once told in is studied, rather than spoken.)

Well, the local Seer gave warning the the Lamia had risen. When she repeated it and grew distressed there was talk of calling a Healer, but I was sent out on a quest to learn more. The old Seer had been good to me when few would give me room in their house, rather than in their barn. When she made requests of me privately I did as she asked.
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I fasted and made the prayer-fires in the ways that must have been old when the order of Shamans was young. When hunger nibbled my wits I made a plea that was simple enough for a child.

Rain, mist, sleet and snow,

guide my feet where they must go,

 wind, rain, storm and sea,

bring the ones I seek near me...


I thought that, if the spell worked, those who had the answers to our questions might come walking to me under the pines, or might even stop to offer me a lift upon the road. When I returned to the Seer and was told that the fabric of space and time been broken to admit those who would be a force against the Lamia - I disbelieved her.

I was told later that many became aware of the risen evil, and prayed or cast spells to find the answers to it. It is easier to believe that my voice was one breath in a chorus that was heard.

Nevertheless, I was taken by the Order of Shamans and taught again, though I am full adult and more.

Perhaps this has changed me - or perhaps it has revived the belief that their is a place for me that I have a destiny - but teaching and training must settle and steep, before any know what has been brewed.


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